USS T’Plana Hath, NCC-1004

USS T'Plana Hath NCC-1004

USS T’Plana Hath NCC-1004, Starfleet Vessel

The USS T’Plana Hath NCC-1004 was an Engle class Starfleet vessel that came under heavy attack, and was ultimately destroyed, by the Klingons at the Battle at the Binary Stars.

The T’Plana Hath was a mid-23rd century.  Its warp nacelles were notably directly adjacent to the saucer section of the ship rather than being either above or below as is traditionally seen on Starfleet vessels.  The nacelles were also supported by two armatures each instead of the usual one.

Very little is known about the T’Plana Hath.

Designation: USS T'Plana Hath
Registry Number: NCC-1004
Class: Engle
Captain: Unavailable
Crew Compliment: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Launch Date: Mid-23rd Century
Construction Location: Unavailable
Other: None
USS T'Plana Hath NCC-1004
USS T’Plana Hath NCC-1004

Production drawing of the USS T'Plana Hath NCC-1004
Production drawing of the USS T’Plana Hath NCC-1004
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