USS Shran, NCC-1413

USS Shran NCC-1413

USS Shran NCC-1413, Starfleet Vessel

The USS Shran NCC-1413 was a mid-23rd century starship destroyed at the Battle of the Binary Stars.  It was a Magee class starship.

The name of the vessel is likely taken from General Thy’lek Shran, an Andorian.  Although an agent of the Imperial Guard, Shran was key in the formation of the United Federation of Planets with Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise in the 22nd century.

Designation: USS Shran
Registry Number: NCC-1413
Captain: Unknown
Crew Compliment: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Launch Date: Mid-23rd Century
Construction Location: Unavailable
 - Destroyed by Klingons at the Battle of the Binaries
USS Shran NCC-1413
USS Shran NCC-1413

Enhanced image of the USS Shran NCC-1413
Enhanced image of the USS Shran NCC-1413
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