USS Clarke, NCC-1661

USS Clarke

USS Clarke NCC-1661, Starfleet Vessel

The USS Clarke NCC-1661 was a Malachowski class Stafleet starship from the mid-23rd century.  It was destroyed at the Battle of the Binary Stars.

The ship featured warp nacelles that were set below the main saucer section of the starship.  The saucer section of the vessel was semi-circle in shape with the cut-section extruding towards the back of the ship.

Overall, very little is know about the Clarke at this time.

Designation: USS Clarke
Registry Number: NCC-1661
Class: Malachowski
Captain: Unavailable
Crew Compliment: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Launch Date: Mid-23rd Century
Construction Location: Unavailable
 - Destroyed during Battle of the Binary Stars
USS Clarke NCC-1661
USS Clarke NCC-1661
USS Clarke NCC-1661 production drawing
USS Clarke NCC-1661 production drawing

Enhanced image of the USS Clarke NCC-1661
Enhanced image of the USS Clarke NCC-1661
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