Timeline of Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Timeline

What Timeline does Star Trek: Discovery Occupy?

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“Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise”.

Bryan Fuller announced that Star Trek Discovery will take place approximately 10 years before the 5-year mission of The Original Series.  Additionally, we can infer a few things about the 2017 series from the CGI test footage video that CBS released.

First, take note that the U.S.S. Discovery’s registry number contains no appended alpha-characters – it’s simply “NCC-1031”.  Since 1031 is lower than 1701 (the Enterprise), we can assume that the Discovery’s launch date was sometime before that of the USS Enterprise (confirmed).  Captain Kirk was at least the 2nd, if not 3rd person to captain the Enterprise under its 1701 designation.  It’s likely the Enterprise was commissioned at least 15 years before Kirk took the helm.  Therefore, it’s fairly safe to say that the USS Discovery is launched at least 15 years before The Original Series. Update: We were so close. It takes place 10 years before TOS.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the show is set 10-30 years before or even during ST:TOS. (confirmed as before)

On the other hand, we know nothing about the plot of the series yet other than that it’s likely to feature Klingons.  It’s also possible that the USS Discovery is a very long-lived ship, has been on a long mission, or has been lost (in space or time) for who-knows how long.  Perhaps around or during the Khitomer Accords – the peace treaty that is signed between the United Federation of Planets and the then-hostile Klingon Empire?  Or perhaps during the Klingon Wars.

It’s entirely possible the show takes place some time after Star Trek: The Original Series too! Update: As mentioned above, it takes place about 10 years before TOS.

We’ll bring you the latest as soon as there’s official word.