Surprise! Star Trek Discovery Casting is Done – Except For Lead

Star Trek Discovery is set 10 years before Captain Kirk's 5-year mission

USS Discovery Crew Has Been Cast

It turns out that Star Trek Discovery has already been cast.  The rumor mill is in full effect. Media sites, including Geek Nation, are reporting that the crew of the USS Discovery and her casting is complete. That is, with the exception of the main series lead – a young human woman filling the role of lieutenant commander.

According to Geek Nation, Bryan Fuller managed to cast most of the major characters before his departure as Star Trek Discovery series show runner. If true, that means the actors have likely been known within the inner-circles for some time.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, cast also will feature an openly gay actor as one of the male leads, which Fuller confirmed.  Additionally, we can expect a female admiral, a male Klingon captain, a male admiral, a male adviser and a British male doctor.  So far, it sounds like a male-dominated show, but it’s likely there will be a good balance of genders in the new series, as has been indicated by Fuller and Heather Kadin on more than one occasion.

Filming to Start in Toronto

Star Trek Discovery cast? Filming begins any day now at Toronto's Pinewood Studios
Star Trek Discovery cast? Filming begins any day now at Toronto’s Pinewood Studios

That the USS Discovery’s crew has been cast comes as a surprise to many, as details have been few and far between.  But this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  Filming is slated to start any day now in Toronto’s Pinewood studios.  CBS has been very tight-lipped about the casting and are likely awaiting a decision on the main lead before officially turning on the marketing machine.  This writer lives in Toronto and unfortunately hasn’t been able to track down any official casting details.

What this all means is that we can very likely expect an official casting announcement from CBS to come within the next week or two.

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