“Star Trek Discovery” to Have King Instead of Chancellor?

Klingon King instead of Chancellor?

Updated March 31st 2017

We still don’t know for sure if Chris Obi will be playing “King” of the Klingons, or if it’ll be “Chancellor”.  This video tweet he uploaded earlier today feels like a direct response to this article.

Here’s the tweet.

Hints at a Change in Klingon Leadership

Over the past few days, a number of people involved in the production of Star Trek Discovery have been dropping some not so subtle hints about Chris Obi’s role as T’Kuvma, leader of the Klingon Empire.

Traditionally in Star Trek canon, the top Klingon position is known as “Chancellor”.  The Chancellor is leader of the Klingon Empire, and therefore head of the Klingon High Council.  Looking further into Klingon history, the Empire (mainly the homeworld Qo’noS), fittingly, was run by an Emperor.

That may be about to take a complete turn.  We’re going on record now with our opinion that the top Klingon, in this case T’Kuvma, will not be playing Chancellor but will instead be playing King.  Here’s a few of the tweets being sent around by Discovery production crew and cast to back that up.

Production and Cast Social Media

Then there’s this tweet from Aaron Harberts.  Aaron is one of the main showrunners that took over to Bryan Fuller when he stepped down.  We responded to Aaron and included Chris Obi.

We feel this tweet below was a direct response to our tweet above.  Chris Obi specifically uses both the “King” and “Chancellor” terminology in his post.

Maybe!  At this point we feel that it’s more than a “maybe”; it’s a “likely”.

Klingons Undergoing Culture Change?

If T’Kuvma is indeed King of the Klingons, this may mean that the species is undergoing a change in direction.  It’s a departure from what we’ve seen in any of the previous Star Trek television series or any of the movies.  Star Trek Discovery is set to break new ground and it will be interesting to see how the hardcore fans react to the changes.  Given that we know T’Kuvma is looking to unite the Houses, might this be the beginnings of a cultural in Klingon history?  We’ve already been told by insiders that the Klingons are looking to take on a slightly more cerebral persona, which would be fitting with a cultural shift.  As it is, we’ve seen that Klingons are likely taking on a new look in appearance, so why not new, more in-depth character traits too?

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