Star Trek Discovery to be Revealed on Sept 3rd?

Star Trek Discovery Writers Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer

September 3rd Star Trek Discovery Reveal

Mark September 3rd, 2016 on your calendar – we may be getting some additional Star Trek: Discovery details on that day.  At 3:30pm during Mission New York,  Star Trek: Discovery writers Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer will share the stage for a Meet the Writers panel.

Beyer and Meyer – Crew Announcements

No saying for certain what types of detail, or just how much they’ll tease us with.  The cast of the USS Discovery should not only be selected soon, but also be preparing for filming in Toronto in September.  That means it’s entirely possible we’ll hear about the actors portraying the new Star Trek characters from Beyer and Meyer.

We may also finally learn what the series is all about, the mission of the USS Discovery.  Perhaps even what Bryan Fuller was eluding to when he said the show focused around an event mentioned in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Be sure to check out our Star Trek Discovery Crew section for future details.

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