Has Star Trek Discovery Intro Music Been Revealed?

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This just in.  We may know what the music for Star Trek: Discovery‘s opening credits sounds like.  And we’re liking what we hear.

While it still remains unconfirmed that the composition is indeed the introduction music, or that it will be used for Star Trek Discovery at all, we do know that the music is being produced for CBS and is directly related to Star Trek in some form.  What form that is remains to be seen.  Since it’s unlikely that CBS has any other Star Trek productions in the works, there’s a good chance this is the shows theme.

Update (Jan 7 2017): We have the full musical composition now.

Star Trek Music Always Represents Themes

One of the things that every Star Trek fan looks forward to in a new Trek series is the introduction music to the show.  Each series has its own unique feel and so do their musical scores, with significant thought being put into what that music should convey.  The upbeat and optimistic sounds of TNG – the USS Enterprise out on an adventure, making discoveries.  The somber sounds of DS9, a station on the galactic outskirts, far from home. The journeying sounds of Voyager – a starship lost on the other side of the galaxy with a mission to get home.  The more mainstream rock sounds of Enterprise – a series set in a more familiar not-too-distant-future.

Twitter user @CharlesHenriAvelange posted a 35 second musical composition clip that is believed to be in contention for Star Trek Discovery‘s them song.

Here’s the Star Trek Discovery Music

The musical theme has uplifting tones, not all unlike those found in other Star Trek musical themes.  It also sounds strikingly aligned with the theme from the movie Galaxy Quest, which poked fun at the original Star Trek series and fandom culture.  Wonder, excitement and discovery are found in these notes, so we definitely believe it’s a possible contender for the new series.

Return to Star Trek’s Musical Roots

If official, it’s nice to see Star Trek‘s return to orchestral music in contrast to the last series, Star Trek Enterprise, whose music was almost universally disliked by fans.

Here’s the original tweet.


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  • Matthew Guest

    reminds me of Star Fleet Academy music, Awesome job.

  • Dan Rastellini

    I don’t know. It doesn’t “feel” like a Trek theme to me. It also sounds kinda dischordant, somewhat straining, at times. When I hear TNG, or DS9, or even VOY, the themes seem to flow very naturally and I find myself humming along with them. This theme feels less organic, like it was slapped together at the last minute without any time to fine tune it. Charles Avelange, I’m sorry but Jerry Goldsmith you are not. Please rework this before the show releases.

  • Tom Chesterfield

    While all of the different parts are nice.. There lies the problem. It’s a whole lot of different parts, feels thrown together , no flow.

    • Dan Rastellini


  • Carl Richardson

    I agree that it sounds like Galaxy Quest.

    • Greg Gimbolo


  • Coracle

    70% of the time I was thinking Western. Like a remake of Bonanza or something.

  • Jim O’Kane

    Sounds like the sound bed of a network news show. Here: I overlaid the theme on video of a CBS News end credits video. Is it not a match?


  • SteveRanden

    This is a complete fail. It’s all over the place, and too long. We need an upbeat or urgent, compact, and memorable theme, emphasis on memorable. TOS and TNG had good, memorable themes. The rest of the series did not, save for Enterprise, whose theme was memorable for the wrong reason (it was atrocious). Enough with the orchestral. Make it a punchy, memorable theme.

  • Norman Bates

    Horrible. No melody, no flow. Gotta be fake.

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