Has Maulik Pancholy Joined the “Star Trek Discovery” Cast?

Maulik Pancholy Cast in Star Trek Discovery?

Maulik Pancholy in Discovery?

Breaking News (January 21, 09:55AM EST).  Has Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock) been cast to Star Trek Discovery?

Earlier today, Chris Obi tweeted a video of himself, Shazad Latif and someone identified as Maulik that appears to be Maulik Pancholy, en route to an “unidentified” project they’re working on.  (shout out to my exhausted breastfeeding wife for recognizing Maulik).  It’s believed that John, sitting next to Chris Obi, may be a member of Discovery’s production crew.

In the Twitter video Obi enthusiastically states “we’re going to do this really exciting job that everyone knows about“, referring to Star Trek Discovery.  Asking Pancholy what the job is, Pancholy says “I cannot remember, I don’t know, why am I here! Why am I here?“.  Obi then finishes the video by saying “So much silence going on, we don’t know why we’re here.  We don’t even know who we are anymore. But we love you still, and we’re going to get right back to you as soon as we know where we are and who we are and why we are“.  So it sounds like we can expect some announcement at some point soon.

Of course that was all stated with a big wink by Obi as it’s hardly a secret that he has been cast in Star Trek Discovery.  It’s also no secret that Discovery begins filming January 24th (we were first to break that news too!).

Here’s Chris Obi’s video tweet with Maulik Pancholy

If indeed Pancholy has been added to the cast, and that’s still a big if, this series is turning out to be the most racially diverse cast and crew of any Star Trek franchise yet.

While Obi hinted at an announcement, it’s unlikely that CBS will make any announcement today.  We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open over the next few days for confirmation.  And for now, as Chris Obi says “the saga continues with an ever growing cast.”

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