Will Jason Isaacs Return as Captain Lorca?

Will Jason Isaacs Return as Captain Lorca?

By David Smith

Will Jason Isaacs Return as Captain Lorca?

At the end of “What’s Past is Prologue”, the series said farewell to both Captain Gabriel Lorca and Jason Isaacs.  Many fan theories were confirmed. In “Vaulting Ambition” it was revealed that Lorca was indeed from the Mirror Universe, confirming many fan theories on the character. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much time to process this information, as the character’s demise at the hands of Emperor Philippa Georgiou means it looks like the end for Lorca. Yet, while the Mirror Universe version of Gabriel Lorca is dead, there is still the question of what happened to the Prime version of the character.

Jason Isaacs is remaining tight-lipped on whether he will return to the series. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Isaacs confirmed that there was a Prime Lorca, who was captain of the Buran, and that the character did swap with the Lorca we saw on screen. When asked if he knew what had happened to the Prime Lorca, Isaacs joked: “If I did, you’d have to stand behind my wife, friends, and professional collaborators to find out the answer. I’ve kept this one big secret for six months – I am certainly going to keep any others.” However, he did divulge a bit of off-screen information on why the Mirror Lorca destroyed the Buran: “If I remember correctly, there was some kind of DNA identification that would have exposed Lorca as not being Prime, and so he blew up the ship and killed everyone on it.”

Considering that no mention of Prime Lorca was made in the recent episodes, it would seem likely that he is indeed alive and somewhere in the Mirror Universe. From a story perspective, the return of Lorca would present an interesting direction for the show, especially if he were to interact with the crew of the Discovery. From a fan perspective, Jason Isaacs has been great in the role, and has brought so much to the Trek verse. It would be sad to see him truly go.

The recent run of Discovery episodes has explored Mirror Universe in more detail than previous Trek series. Since the concept was introduced in the Original Series Season 2 episode “Mirror, Mirror”, the inverted parallel universe has been one of Star Trek’s most interesting concepts. In an interview with Inverse, Isaacs pointed to how the Mirror Universe is much closer to our own reality than the Prime universe. “My understanding of the Mirror World is that not different from our world. People make slightly different political and racial decisions…sadly, those views are prevalent in the world today, and in fact there are people in seats of power who espouse those views every day.”

After celebrating 50 years of Star Trek in 2016, the franchise is showing no signs of slowing down. Star Trek Discovery successfully brought the series back to the small screen, and opened the door for a new set of fans. One of the most effective aspects of Star Trek is that fans can interact with the show in multiple ways. On the big screen, the 50th anniversary was celebrated through Star Trek Beyond, while in the gaming industry Star Trek Bridge Crew gave fans the closest experience yet to what it would be like to command a star ship. For the show’s fans who prefer online gaming, PartyPoker’s Star Trek Episode 2: Explore New Worlds game offers fans the chance to revisit the original series. Like the TV shows and films, the game honours the show’s history while also presenting something new for fans. Star Trek has always experienced highs and lows in its 52-year history. The good news for fans is that this is a great time to be a Trekkie, with more films, shows and games planned. With any luck we will also see more of Captain Lorca and Jason Isaacs in the near future.



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