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Section 31?

Continuing Last Week’s Story Line

One thing we know about Star Trek: Discovery is that, unlike most previous Star Trek, it is not an episode show.  The story arc runs for the length of the season, which is 15 episodes at the latest count.

That means episode 4 (The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry) will be continuing off where episode 3 (Context is for Kings) left off.   Judging by the episode trailer (below), we can expect to see Commander Landry and Michael Burnham team up to do something to that monster that was found aboard the USS Glenn.

Now that you’ve watched the episode trailer, lets get into predictions for tomorrow’s episode.

Discovery Engages in Battle

One thing we know is that Captain Lorca takes the war very seriously.  In fact, it seems to be all he really concerns himself with.  We hear him say “Discovery is no longer a science vessel, it’s a war ship”.  The Discovery comes under attack by the Klingons and we also see an outpost, likely Federation, under attack by the Klingons as well.

A bit more on the outpost later.

The Monster You (Don’t) Know

At this point we don’t really know much about the monster that attacked the Discovery away mission aboard the USS Glenn.  We do know that it was quietly beamed over to the Discovery, and that Captain Lorca and Commander Landry have it in captivity.  No knowing if anyone else aboard is aware of it, but it’s likely just the 2 of them for now.

That is until episode 4, where we see Landry and Burnham engaging directly with the monster.  Seems like a big risk.

It means that either the crew is aware they have something unusual aboard, or this is part of the real reason Burnham is not back in prison.  My guess is the latter.  It’s likely we’ll see Burnham tasked with something highly relevant to the creature.  Something secret – not directly related to the ship’s new way to fly.

So what then?  We know that Captain Lorca has a one-track mind right now, and that’s to win the war.  My opinion is that the creature (which bears a resemblance to a dust mite) is going to be used in some way against the Klingons, directly or indirectly.  Perhaps as a Trojan, or maybe a weapon.

The monster is capable of defying gravity by crawling along the ceiling
The monster is capable of defying gravity by crawling along the ceiling

So what exactly is this monster – and I’ll keep referring to it that way because as of now that’s what it is – and why is it important?  We see from the episode trailer that it’s able to crawl on the ceiling.  Either the Discovery is having a strange Black Alert again, or the monster has some incredible gravity-defying abilities.  Abilities usually reserved for much smaller creatures (like a small dust mite).  I think this monster was somehow created during the experiments being conducted by the USS Glenn.  I also think it may end up wreaking havoc on the Discovery crew as well.

If indeed it is used as some kind of weapon against the Klingons, and wee know the episode’s name is The Butcher’s Knife…, the title might hint that the weapon is the monster and that it doesn’t care of its target is human, Klingon, or some other species.  But now I’m very much postulating.

Federation Distress Call

Next up, we see this distress call.  The Discovery seems to be tasked with performing a rescue operation and we hear Captain Lorca saying “we told you we’d be ready when you called and we aren’t”.  So either the Discovery isn’t able to save those in distress or they have to take some risks to be ready.  It seems to me that this distress call is likely coming from the presumed Federation Outpost that’s being attacked by the Klingons.

Here we can see the Discovery has arrived to presumably assist with defending an outpost that is currently under attack by Klingons.

Klingons attacking an outpost
Klingons attacking an outpost

We then see the USS Discovery coming out of some kind of faster-than-light travel – perhaps that “new way to fly” we keep hearing about – and the ship nearly gets swallowed up by a star.  It suggests that the crew is experimenting and probably got some new help from the devices brought back from the USS Glenn.  The Glenn, after all, was much farther along in their experimentation.

Article 14, Section 31 Link?

While not wearing the Black insignia seen in episode 3, these Starfleet officers sure give of a Section 31 vibe
While not wearing the Black insignia seen in episode 3, these Starfleet officers sure give of a Section 31 vibe

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine introduced us to the Federation covert organization known as Section 31.  If we’re to expect that Discovery is canon to the Prime Universe like the showrunners continually tell us, it’s possible Section 31 is involved.

We know that they’re a highly secretive organization.  If Section 31 has their hands in whatever the Discovery is up to, there may be no trace records of the going-ons we’re seeing right now.  In other words, Starfleet may not even know by the time The Original Series happens 10 years later.  Same for The Next Generation records.  Discovery would still be canon and it’d explain why nobody seems to even be aware of Discovery’s actions even 10 years later.

Will Section 31 make an appearance in tomorrow’s episode of Star Trek Discovery?

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