Looks Can Be Deceiving

Star Trek Discovery Props

Eye-Candy Can Be Tantalizing

The San Diego Comic-Con has given us a close-up look at the uniforms and props that will be adorning the up-coming Star Trek: Discovery. This eye-candy can be tantalizing, inviting, exciting, but does it help with the story telling?

The money being spent on this latest series is grand, and has afforded the crew and production designers the ability to be detailed and wildly creative. However, The Original Series was produced on what could be called ‘a shoe-string budget’. The fact that so much of TOS was seen as “new age” or even “advanced” at the time, was of course due to the times in which it was produced, whereas in 2017, 51 years after TOS, we know of seriously superior effects advancements. That doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone should rely on those effects to tell their story.

History Tends to Repeat

As we are now just about two months from the premiere of Discovery, the questions about how good it might be are subsiding in the wake of excitement and anticipation. This is normal and happened before TNG in 1987, and more similarly, ENT in 2001. Fans know how much that excitement was rewarded by each of those respectively.

Should fans be excited for Discovery? Of course they should, but not because its props are shiny, or that the uniforms are fashionable, but instead because it’s Star Trek. Even ENT had excellent episodes across its four seasons. But blindly subscribing to the belief that Discovery will be an amazing show based on not much more than a single trailer and the flashiness of the production is shortsighted and ignores what we know about the many hiccups and stumbles the show has experienced to date.

Let’s not tie our hopes for this series to screen-flares and shiny uniforms. Let’s hope that it stands on the principles of great story-telling, strong character development, and adherence to what most recognize as the original timeline.

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  • William Thompson

    Look more like a “Reboot” every time I see something New. I just hope CBS does not ruin Star Trek. With that said, I like some of it, but I will not pay to watch. I would like the show runners to explain why they changed the Klingons.