Latest T’Kuvma Teaser May Reveal Key Details About Star Trek Discovery

"To Remain Klingon"

T’Kuvma Fights to Remain Klingon

CBS has been releasing a series of short Star Trek Discovery teaser clips online.  Today, CBS put out a new short teaser to social media which may reveal key details.  This one features T’Kuvma, leader of the Klingons.  Did the teaser reveal more than it sounds like at first?

First, here’s the teaser for you to watch.  I’ll make my argument after it.

Here’s what T’Kuvma has to say in the teaser:

They are coming.  Atom by atom they will silence us.  Cell by cell, our souls shall become theirs.  We must fight for one thing above all; to remain Klingon.

The Break Down

So what does it mean?  I believe that T’Kuvma is referring to the augmented Klingons.  The ones that possess Human DNA.  If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, stop reading right now and go watch Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Affliction” and “Divergence”, then come back.

Sure, he could be talking about anyone, the Federation, Starfleet, a new species, but here’s why I think it’s the Augments…

The Augments were created through genetic experimentation gone wrong.  The research was based on human resources and so part of the Klingon populace started to look at least part, or even fully human, as a result.  These genetic changes were considered a virus, even if they were introduced through experimentation.  When T’Kuvma says “they are coming”, he could easily be referring to the Augments and their virus, to infect all the Klingons.

Next up, he says “Atom by atom they will silence us.  Cell by cell, our souls shall become theirs.”  It’s an interesting choice of words to use and it refers to the lowest-levels of our bodily make up – atoms and cells.  The augment virus replaces the Klingon atoms and cells with those of Human.  This further backs up the idea that T’Kuvma is talking about the Klingon Augments, and he’s afraid Klingons will lose everything that makes them Klingon.

To top it all off, he drops this bombshell.  “We must fight for one thing above all; to remain Klingon.”  If he is indeed talking about the Augments, this one is a little on the nose.  He’s expressing concern that Klingons will no longer be Klingons.  It can certainly be argued that Augments, who have the appearance of Humans, are no longer truly Klingons but rather are more Human – albeit genetically enhanced.

We’ll find out come September 24th when Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All Access (USA), Space (Canada), and on the 25th on CraveTV (Canada) and Netflix (rest of world).

Is T'Kuvma referring to the Augments?

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  • cass ada

    It would be an interesting story and would be keeping within canon at the same time. If it’s a battle to stop Klingon augments, we know they don’t win (at least not completely) because of the Klingons that show up in TOS. Either that or they learn to live with them.