Toronto’s Ken Mitchell Cast as Klingon Commander in “Star Trek Discovery”

Kenneth Mitchell to play Klingon Commander Kol in "Star Trek Discovery" tv series

Toronto Meets Qo’NoS, the Klingon Homeworld

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock you probably already know that there’s a new Star Trek series coming to television named Star Trek: Discovery.  More specifically, the series is coming to the streaming services CBS AllAccess (US), CraveTV (Canada), and to Netflix (rest of world).

Set 10 years before Kirk’s 5-year mission, Discovery is shaping up to be the largest Star Trek television series yet with a current character list of at least 20 and an estimated budget between $6-$7 million per episode.  One of those main characters, Kol, a Klingon Commander, is slated to be played by local Toronto-native Kenneth Mitchell. ( is based in Toronto, where Discovery is currently in production)

Mitchell, upon official announcement of his being cast, stated that he was “[a]bsolutely thrilled [and] honored to be apart of the new [Star Trek Discovery] series.”

Mitchell previously appeared in the Frequency television series, and he was also in Jericho.  Both are science fictions shows.

“A Responsibility I Will Not Take Lightly”

Star Trek Discovery has a lot to live up to.  Star Trek fans are known as being some of the more, shall we say, “passionate” of fans.  So it’s heartening to know that Mitchell has acknowledged the gravity of the role and will be bringing his top game to the series in his portrayal of Commander Kol.

Speaking of Kol – that character was originally slated to be played by Shazad Latif.  CBS even officially announced that last last year on the Discovery news section of their site (that article has since retroactively been updated).  At some point during early production, Latif was recast to play Lieutenant Tyler of Starfleet and Mitchell took over the role of playing Kol.  No word on why that change occurred.

Growing Local Cast

Star Trek has a long history of casting Canadians, including Kirk and Scotty
Star Trek has a long history of casting Canadians, including Kirk and Scotty

Star Trek has a always had more than its fair share of Canadian actors.  The original Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, is Canadian as was Scotty.

With Star Trek Discovery filming in Toronto, there’s bound to be a number of cast and extras that are taken from the local talent pool.  In addition to Kenneth Mitchell, CBS’ most recent casting announcement included Calgary native Clare McConnell, who will also be playing a Klingon leader in Discovery and Vancouver’s Rekha Sharma, who will play Commander Landry, the USS Discovery’s security officer.  Additionally, Damon Runyan, also a Canadian, will be playing Ujilli who is also a Klingon leader.

There is still no official release date set for Star Trek Discovery, however it’s popularly believed the series will debut this fall on streaming services around the world.

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