Tonight’s Episode “‘Balance of Terror’ Good” Says Series Co-Exec Ted Sullivan

Star Trek Discovery episode 9 - Into the Forest I Go

Interviewed on After Trek

Star Trek: Discovery series writer and Co-Executive Producer Ted Sullivan was on last week’s episode of After Trek – the official Discovery talk show.  While discussing this week’s fall finale episode, written by Erika Lippoldt and Bo Yeon Kim, Sullivan called the episode “Balance of Terror good”.

That’s very high praise for any Star Trek series or episode, as Balance of Terror is considered by many to be one of the best episodes of The Original Series.  Some would say of any Star Trek show.

"Star Trek Discovery" writer Erika Lippoldt posted this behind-the-scenes photo earlier today.  The Pahvo system is where the Federation and Klingons will meet for battle.
“Star Trek Discovery” writer Erika Lippoldt posted this behind-the-scenes photo earlier today. The Pahvo system is where the Federation and Klingons will meet for battle.

It’s a game of ‘Cat and Mouse’

While we can’t say much about the episode airing tonight, titled Into the Forest I Go, we can say that Battle of Terror focused on a battle between Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, and a Romulan starship.

Balance of Terror, Star Trek: The Original Series
In the episode ‘Balance of Terror’ from Star Trek: TOS, Romulans appear for the first time and a theme of respect and understanding is present.

That episode plays out a lot like a submarine battle, with each captain attempting to out-smart the other.  Kirk must try to understand the motives and mind-set of the Romulan commander, and the commander must do the same about Kirk.  Knowing very little about each other meant they had to pay close attention to their opponents details and actions.

But there was also a notable respect that each opponent had for the other.  As for tonight’s episode of Star Trek Discovery, it’s unlikely that Captain Lorca will suddenly develop an understanding and respect for the Klingons, but he’s known to be a brilliant battle tactician.

Will tonight’s episode be the subdued and intellectual battle witnessed in the classic episode, or will we see the Discovery engage in all out battle?  We do know that the crew will at least engage with the Klingon Sarcophagus ship, as seen in the episode trailer.

The trailer shows the Discovery spore-jumping next to the Sarcophagus ship and opening fire.  Will the Discovery continually jump around the enemy, stopping only to fire weapons?  We’ll find out tonight.

Be sure to read out Episode 9 Preview before watching the episode tonight.  Then come back to NCC-1031.COM and cast your vote for tonight’s episode.

Note to non-USA/Canada viewers. Netflix airs Star Trek Discovery on Monday.

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