Test Footage of Original USS Discovery Surfaces

USS Discovery test footage surfaces

Two USS Discovery Videos

We recently got a few short glimpses into what the finalized design of the USS Discovery will look like.  The Stafleet starship appeared in the latest Star Trek: Discovery trailer, released by CBS, as well as in a series of promotional posters.

Earlier today, computer generated test footage of the previous design for the ship found its way onto the Internet.  The video is watermarked as “Property of CBS”.

Even with the latest official images already released by CBS, there hasn’t been a clear picture of what major elements have made the final design from what we’ve seen before.  For example, the three spheres located at the forward section of the warp nacelles.  However because this is test footage and the quality has been significantly improved over previous iterations we’ve seen, it’s likely to be very close to the final design.  At least in the detailing and for the elements that do show up on the ship from the Discovery trailer.

(Video is Property of CBS – previous iteration of USS Discovery)

In the video above, we get a view of the bottom of the ship, including its unusual neck and belly sections.  The footage comes before changes to the ship, such as the saucer-section cutouts.

Here’s another short clip of test footage.  Again, this is of a previous iteration of the USS Discovery.  However it is fairly close to the finalized design.  It provides our best view yet of the saucer section, including the bridge.

(Video is Property of CBS – previous iteration of USS Discovery)

While not quite final production quality, the model and texture do appear to be complete.  The smaller details, such as windows and hull texture likely represent what we’ll see as final products on the upcoming show.

Star Trek Discovery starts streaming this September 24th on CBS All Access, Space/CraveTV, and Netflix.

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  • It would have been great if the Discovery had remained like that. It would have looked cool, while remaining in line with the style of TOS. The redesign with the stupid gaps in the saucer, the ridiculously long and angular nacelles and probably some visual adjustments to match with the totally anachronistic design of the Shenzhou was a step in a very wrong direction. At least now it is in line with the rest of the hodgepodge production design of the series, where nothing is even supposed to make sense.

    • Kang the Unbalanced


  • William Thompson

    The first version looked better; with that said both versions look more at home in the JJ Abrams reboot version than in the Star Trek (TOS) era. This, and the designs of the USS Shenzhou, & USS Europa just further supports my theory that Discovery is a reboot. Additionally this would explain why Paramount TV is a production company in Discovery. They are using the Paramount license as in the last 3 movies, not CBS’s Star Trek (TOS) license.

    • SkiBo

      Yo William Thompson, You are totally CORRECT, (and one of the few who really get where all of this is coming from, and going to)!! If this falls apart, (or when would be more accurate) they are already working on another Kelvin timeline movie to capitalize on that same license agreement which means CBS NEVER intended on making a ‘prime-timeline’ show for anybody, let alone the FANS. Thanks for posting, ~Mark~

  • ButtonShoes

    Man that is one UGLY ship. The only ship designs I’ve seen that are worse are in the JJ-verse films. That design up there was rejected in the 70s for good reason. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised the morons at CBS thought it would be a good idea to use it.


    Wow. That ship looks so unappealing.

  • David Fisher

    This is better than what they are going with, yet still the design looks kind of squashed compared to other designs.

  • Kendall Byrd

    This was posted and removed from a few sites last week because the guy who posted it said he basically stole it off a network he was working on. I don’t know if I even believe it is real.

    • cass ada

      Could be real. It is watermarked “Property of CBS” but I guess that doesn’t have to mean anything.

  • Graham Kennedy

    Got to say, I’ve looked at this ship hundreds of times now. And it’s really not growing on me. Not at *all*.

    As a Star Trek fan of almost forty years standing, this is a very strange time for me. A new series is coming… and its approach fills me with sadness.

  • Karl

    Firstly that’s not how timecodes are used or displayed.
    Secondly, internal test images would not in any reality have a “property of CBS” watermark overlaying the entire screen.
    This is fan work.