Star Trek Timelines Game to Add Discovery Crew This Week

Discovery is coming to Star Trek: Timelines

New Characters to Appear This Week

Disruptor Beam, creators of the popular Star Trek Timelines video game for mobile, PC, and web, announced today that the game would get Star Trek Discovery characters added this week.

In anticipation of the launch of Star Trek Discovery to television and streaming services, new players already see Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Saru in the tutorial. They will also soon be able to participate in a month-long event named Discovery: A New Anomaly starting October 5th along with new Discovery crew, ships and stories. You can check out Disruptor Beam’s new Discovery teaser trailer for Star Trek Timelines.

Featured in the trailer is the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227 approaching a series of Starfleet vessels including the Enterprise NX, A, and D, as well as the Defiant and what looks to be the Stargazer.

Star Trek Timelines, the expansive free-to-play mobile, PC and web game spanning all 51 years of Star Trek history, is about to get even bigger! This week Disruptor Beam has released Version 3.0 with new playable features, improvements to existing features, as well as the integration of the upcoming Star TrekTM series Star Trek: Discovery into the game. The new show premieres on CBS All Access at 8:30PM ET (5:30 PM PT) on Sunday, September 24th.

New Discovery characters, ships, crew, and storylines will make their way into Star Trek Timelines as the series airs. Players will get a sneak preview of this Discovery content starting this week with an updated introductory storyline featuring Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Saru. Then players will warp into Star Trek: Discovery starting on Thursday, October 5th with the month-long Mega-Event, “Discovery: A New Anomaly.” The Mega-Event will consist of 4 individual weekend events, introducing crew such as Captain Phillipa Georgiou, Gabriel Lorca, Ash Tyle and Harry Mudd.

Launched just this week, Version 3.0 of Star Trek Timelines includes a completely revamped user interface for Ship Battles, a new Ship Battle rewards system, plus the new Voyages feature that allows players to send crews out on long-duration missions into the unknown. Along the way, the crew will discover all new Star Trek™ storylines, solve thorny problems, and gain impressive rewards. Star Trek Timelines is available to download on Google Play and the App Store, as well as on Windows PCs through Steam and desktop computers everywhere on Facebook and Facebook Gameroom. Visit the Disruptor Beam website for links to the game’s social media and more information!

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