Star Trek Discovery’s Alex Kurtzman Talks Delay, More.

Star Trek Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman

Kutzman –  a Trek Veteran

With the imminent arrival of Star Trek Discovery just around the corner, fans are likely to appreciate the extra time put into the production.  Time that delayed the show – twice.

Alex Kurtzman, executive producer of Discovery, Star Trek (2009), and Star Trek: Into Darkness, spoke to Collider about why the series got delayed and other things about the production of Star Trek Discovery.

Discovery Follows Bryan Fuller’s Ideas

As we’ve written about before, Discovery‘s original creator and showrunner was Bryan Fuller.  Fuller had to leave the series due to other commitments.  At the time it sent  shock-waves down the spines of many fearful fans.  Before he left, Fuller penned at least two episodes of Star Trek Discovery and created the series setting within Trek canon.  It was recognized that Fuller was good for the series and unclear what his departure would mean.  Kurtzman addressed some of this.

Bryan Fuller was Star Trek Discovery's original showrunner
Bryan Fuller was Star Trek Discovery’s original showrunner

“..absolutely there are [Bryan Fuller’s] footprints left on the show. Someone once described Bryan to me as a unicorn and that’s just the truth. He’s a one of a kind writer. He’s just unbelievably brilliant and I really, really loved working with him and I loved seeing the way that his mind worked.”  Speaking of the plotlines and series story arc, Kurtzman says “so much of what’s there in terms of story and certainly in terms of set-up, character, big ideas, the big movement of the season, that’s all stuff that Bryan and I talked about.

Speaking about the reason for Fuller’s departure; “Bryan was very involved in American Gods and I think that the scope and scale of what Trek has become made it so that Bryan elected to say, ‘I don’t wanna short-change either of these two things,’ they’re both sort of beloved to him, so we sat down and we figured out how are we going to take what we can have of you and continue that through not only this season of Trek but hopefully set up things that are coming next season.

In Response to Fan Reaction

Kurtzman also spoke about the fan response to the recently-released Star Trek Discovery trailer.

I’m really excited for everybody to see Trek and I was extremely pleased with the reception that our trailer got. It was awesome, it was really cool.

It’s not just the general public either.  “So many actors are fans. We literally got a list of them that were like, ‘Here are people who said they want to be on Star Trek. It was awesome… To just be in an episode or come in or out.

Speaking of fans; something Discovery really has going for it is with its writing staff, many of whom are publicly known for being long time Star Trek fans.  Take this tweet by Ted Sullivan (a writer for Star Trek Discovery) for example, where he talks about having written a Star Trek movie script as a kid (which he wanted to be Star Trek 4).  It’s a display of significant dedication to the franchise and shows just how long Sullivan has been a fan of the shows.

Sullivan often makes mention, in his tweets, of just how lucky he feels to be writing for the show.

Sullivan isn’t alone in the writing staff, and Kurtzman knows and talks about it.   “All I’m gonna say now is that you’re talking about a show that’s being written by a roomful of fans who all have very different relationships to Trek, and I think that’s a healthy thing and it’s a good thing. They love different aspects of Trek. We’re really excited with how the scripts are going; the scripts are going great.

About Delaying the Show

It’s common knowledge that CBS wants to “do it right” when it comes to Discovery.  There’s a sense that Star Trek is recognized as being their crown jewel.  So pushing back the air date to make sure production gets the time it needs was probably the right move.

In speaking about the series being delayed, Kurtzman says “we postponed our schedule because the truth is we did not want to put out something that was subpar, and as the vision expanded we started feeling like we weren’t gonna be able to deliver the scope and the scale that was on the page. And CBS was extremely supportive in saying, ‘Okay you know what, this is streaming, it’s not like we have to beat out right away, let’s do the best version of this, Trek is too important for all of us.‘”

No official release date has been given for Star Trek Discovery yet, but it’s expected that the show will air some time later in 2017.

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