Star Trek Discovery Set to Begin Production in Toronto

Star Trek Discovery Set to Begin Production in Toronto

Star Trek: Discovery Production Start

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Production on Star Trek Discovery may be set to begin in Toronto, Canada.

Update (January 13, 2017): It’s official.  Production of Star Trek Discovery is officially slated to begin on January 24th in Toronto, running through to September 7, 2017.  The IATSE 873 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) updated their website a few minutes ago to represent the production update.  Look for Green Harvest on their site, Star Trek Discovery‘s code name.

Given that Discovery is slated to air in May with the final episode airing in late September, it’s likely we’ll get a new episode every two weeks.  It has been previously stated that Star Trek Discovery‘s first season will consist of 13 episodes with a single story arc across them.  That’s exactly how new episodes were aired for most of the other Star Trek franchises too.

Chris Obi Hints

Before confirmation by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, we previously told you that Chris Obi will be playing T’Kuvma, leader of the Klingons. Obi has been taking the role very seriously – occasionally tweeting hints about his new gig. We also previously announced that Nicholas Meyer is on the primary writing staff for Star Trek Discovery‘s production. Meyer’s dog tweets from time to time, so we know they’re in Toronto now.

Over the last two days, Obi released these tweet.

It looks like something heavily related to the Star Trek Discovery production is being celebrated in the first tweet. Obi couldn’t be reached for comment, but it’s believed this may signify the start of filming – at least in ceremony. The second tweet is a very cute post of Obi practicing his Klingon voice, and quite successfully in our opinion.

We’re in Toronto and will continue trying to get verification of Discovery‘s start of filming.

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