“Star Trek Discovery” Now Filming 9th Episode

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Quality Production Takes Time

The newest series in the 50-year-running Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Discovery, began filming late January 2017.  That happened after a few delays and a 14-month lead-up from the initial announcement of the show.

The show is now filming its 9th episode.

A few months ago we reported the series had already begun filming their second episode.  Details since then have been scarce.  Until we heard from our insider, it was unclear how much the production had progressed.

Originally Discovery was slated for just 13 episodes for its first season, but that was extended much to the excitement of fans.  We reported that, instead, Discovery will get a total of 15 episodes.  While much less than the usual 24-26 common to previous Star Trek shows, current-day television production quality takes much more time.  And money.

Filming of 2018 Episodes May Have Already Started

We’ve been told by CBS that new episodes will be released in two chapters across season 1.  The show will air weekly starting September 24th running through November 5th, with the first two episodes airing during the premiere.  Then the remainder of the season will pick up again in January 2018.

There are seven Sundays from Sept 24 to Nov 5.  Since the premiere accounts for two episodes, that’s a total of eight episodes.

Our anonymous Star Trek Discovery insider tells us that the production is currently filming episode number nine.  That means we know that Discovery is already filming episodes that won’t be aired until the post-mid-season break.  That is, unless the mid season finale is also a two-parter.  If not that’s plenty of time to ensure that the best production quality makes it throughout the entire season given the six month lead-time.

Star Trek Discovery will air on CBS All Access (USA) and Space/CraveTV (Canada) on September 24th 2017.  Netflix will air it in the rest of the world on September 25th.  It is the first Star Trek series to air since the end of Enterprise in 2005.

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