Star Trek: Discovery Launches in September!

Premiere Date for Star Trek Discovery - USS Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Premiere Date

For us Star Trek fans anxiously awaiting any news of Discovery, today we received some of the best news of all… we have our premier date!

That’s right! CBS released a September 24th premiere date for Star Trek Discovery along with a new poster featuring none other than the USS Discovery herself. But, don’t get too excited, there isn’t much detail revealed in the new poster (CBS is still keeping tight-lipped).

Season Will be Slightly Different Than Normal

According to sources, the premiere episode will still be broadcast on CBS cable, but the second episode should also be available to stream via All Access that same night, so we’re getting two episodes right off the bat on the 24th. That’s right, two episodes.

The rest of the first season will be released in two separate blocks from CBS via All Access here in the US, CraveTV in Canada, and Netflix everywhere else. The remainder of the first 8 episodes will be released between September and November (Sounds to be about one a week after the premiere)…

Then, there will be a small hiatus on new episode releases, but don’t panic…

The remaining 7 episodes will be subsequently debuted beginning in January.

What About the Discovery?

Star Trek Discovery premiere date has been announced. First look at the USS Discovery
Star Trek Discovery premiere date has been announced. First look at the USS Discovery

Well, the actual image of the ship is rather small, and even when this fan tried to blow up the image and see more detail, it just became more muddled, unfortunately.There does, however, appear to be an interesting paint job on the nacelles…

This new iteration of Star Trek just keeps becoming more and more intriguing… But, with only the limited information we have, and the fact that we’ll have to wait about another month before they put anything else out about the series… Let the speculation begin!


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