Star Trek Discovery Gets a New Logo

New Star Trek Discovery Logo

CBS has revealed that the logo for Star Trek: Discovery has been updated.  This comes just a week after announcing that Discovery no longer had a set release date.  Featured in the insignia is the stylized star that can be found in The Original Series movies and heavily throughout 23rd century Star Trek.  It can also be seen in the insignia’s on the uniforms of Christopher Pike’s USS Enterprise crew.  (Pike was pre-Kirk, and a failed pilot episode named ‘The Cage’).  This makes sense as The Cage takes place before Kirk’s 5-year mission.  Discovery is slated to happen about 10 years prior to that.

My personal opinion: I actually prefer the previous incarnation.  This update almost has a whipped-together feeling to it in its gold-plated texturing – even a little sloppy.  I’m unsure if there’s any meaning behind why the right side of the insignia appears to be farther behind the left side.

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