“Star Trek Discovery” Gets 2 Extra Episodes

Star Trek Discovery gets 2 extra episodes

CBS Orders More Episodes

Star Trek Discovery, the latest series in the 50-year-running Star Trek franchise, will be getting an additional two episodes during its first season run.  It has been widely reported, including by the series’ original showrunner, Bryan Fuller, that Discovery was slated to have 13 episodes in the first season.

Most of the previous Star Trek shows typically ran 26 episodes per season, though that varied slightly from season to season.  Enterprise, for example, usually had about 23.  In general, Discovery‘s initial 13 episode order makes the series half the length of its predecessors.

With television shows seeing increases in production quality over the last few decades, it’s unsurprising that a new show, particularly a science fiction show, would take more time to produce each episode.  Audience expectations for not only the visuals, but also the storylines, scripting, and wardrobes, have been on an upwards trajectory for some time.

Most fans are understanding of a half-length season.

However with the announcement by CBS that there will be an additional two episodes for Discovery‘s first season, the show will now have 15 in its inaugural season.  Undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for fans.

Discovery Gets Companion Series

In addition to the extra episodes, CBS All Access has also announced that Star Trek Discovery is getting an after-show.  That show is expected to be a talk show focusing on the series as it progresses.  Unlike most streaming series, Discovery will be releasing new episodes on a weekly basis.

Star Trek Discovery is currently filming its 7th episode in Toronto, Canada.  It is expected that the series will debut some time in Fall 2017.  The show will air on CBS All Access (US), CraveTV (Canada), and Netflix (rest of world).

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