“Star Trek Discovery” Cast, Including Sonequa Martin-Green, Dine in Toronto

Cast of Star Trek Discovery sharing a meal in Toronto

Discovery Cast Spotting

Production on Star Trek Discovery commenced in Toronto back in late January 2017.  Since that time there have been relatively few spottings of any of the cast involved in the production.  Most, if not all, of the images that have shown up on social media and news sites have been posted by people involved in the production or the cast members themselves.  So it was not so much a surprise when Chris Obi, who plays the Klingon T’Kuvma, posted this image to his Instagram account.  The image has since been removed from public view.

Peaceful Negotiations

The photo is a clear indication that Sarek has opened up peace talks on neutral ground (Toronto) between the Federation and the Klingon Empire as both organizations are represented at the table.  In seriousness though, it’s likely the dinner, hosted in Toronto’s Buca Osteria & Bar was a celebration James Frain’s birthday.  Frain plays Sarek, Spock’s farther, in the new Star Trek series.

Beyond being one of the first photos we’ve seen of the cast together, there’s something interesting going on in the picture.

The main protagonist of Star Trek Discovery is Lieutenant Commander Rainsford – aka Number One.  She’s played by Sonequa Martin-Green.  Or at least that’s what we (and many other sources) have reported.  There has actually been no official announcement made about Sonequa by CBS.  That’s because she has an ongoing role in the television series The Walking Dead.  Playing both roles could mean scheduling conflicts.  It’s more likely that Sonequa’s character in The Walking Dead is about to be – dead.

In an effort to no spoil the surprise death of her character, CBS likely held off on making an official announcement.  This picture, which includes Sonequa (and her husband) is proof that she is indeed playing Rainsford in Star Trek Discovery.

Official Casting Announcement

Now that we know Sonequa is in Toronto and is no-doubt making regular appearances to the Star Trek Discovery set, can we expect that CBS will be making an announcement soon?  Given her characters recent progress in The Walking Dead, can we expect to hear something official from CBS and StarTrek.com over the next few days?

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