Star Trek Discovery Book & Comics to Accompany TV Series

Star Trek Discovery Writers Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek Discovery Book to Coincide With TV Series

Star Trek Discovery Novel - David Mack
David Mack to write novel to accompany Star Trek: Discovery tv series, with the assistance of Kirsten Beyer

During a panel on Star Trek: Discovery featuring Nick Meyer and Kirsten Beyer, at Star Trek: Mission New York, it was announced that Beyer was to lead the effort for a new Trek novel with David Mack.  Mack is best known for his freelance Star Trek books, but also has some Star Trek tv show experience under his belt too, having scripted an episode.  Kirsten Beyer is of course best known for her Star Trek: Voyager novels and is one of the primary writers of Discovery’s episodes.

The book is slated to go with new Star Trek: Discovery series and be released in tandem with the show, in either January or early in 2017.  Simon & Shuster will be publishing the Discovery book.

One Novel and Series of Comics

Star Trek Discover - Comic Books
Star Trek: Discovery will be accompanied by a novel and a comic series in 2017

And for those looking for something a little more visual and likely an easier-read, not only will there be an accompanying Star Trek Discovery book, it was also announced that there will be Star Trek Discovery comics!  IDW will publish the comics .  IDW has a long history of releasing Star Trek comics.  Beyer will be assisting Mike Johnson on the production of the Star Trek Discovery comic books.

The Star Trek Discovery comics will also coincide with release of the tv series, early 2017.

Kirsten Beyer will act as liaison to both IDW for the comic, and Simon & Shuster for the book.   “So I have the great fortune of working on the novel side of it with David Mack.  And teaching me about comics is Mike Johnson.  They’re meant to coincide with the show” she says.  Tony Shasteen, a regular artist for Star Trek, will join Mike Johnson on the comics.

But Are They Canon?

The one thing that didn’t get discussed during the panel was whether or not the Star Trek Discovery book or comics would be canon.  No book or comic has ever been considered canon in Star Trek – even the cartoon series wasn’t (that it is now is debatable in some circles).  But this is different.  Both the book and the comics seem to be officially sanctioned by the Star Trek Discovery writers, producers and how runners.  So they may just end up being canon and a part of the official story line of Discovery.

All we know for now is that the novel and comics will be “tied to” the series.

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