“Star Trek Discovery” Ad Campaign on Buses and More

Ted Sullivan posted this picture from the Star Trek Discovery set

Ad Campaign in Full Swing

Slated to premiere this September 24th, Star Trek Discovery will be the first Star Trek tv series in over a decade.

Fans have been waiting, to varying degrees, patiently since the new series was first announced in late 2015.  Now that wait is nearly over.  Just how close are fans to watching the new series?  Close enough that advertisements for the series have started to show up on buses across a number of American cities.

The writers of Discovery, who have a group Twitter account in addition to their own personal accounts, reported the first sighting of an LA Metro bus.

We reached out to CBS about their ad campaign but did not hear back as of the time of this writing.  We’ll update the article when we hear back, and as soon as we have a picture we’ll be sure to post it them.

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