“Star Trek Discovery” 1st Episode & Main Title Music in the Bag

Star Trek Discovery music

Main Title, Check!  1st Episode, Check!

During the San Diego Comic-Con convention, Star Trek Discovery showrunners announced that Jeff Russo had been selected as composer for Discovery’s main theme, as well as the general score for the television series.

Yesterday we learned that Russo, along with 60 musicians from the Los Angeles area, had completed the main title music for the new series.

With the exception of Star Trek Enterprise, all Star Trek television shows have had orchestral musical scores to accompany their opening and closing credits.  Enterprise, whose main theme was disliked by many Star Trek fans, went with soft rock.

Today, NCC-1031.COM was able to get a glimpse of the musical orchestra that will be creating the music – and they look great.

Jeff Russo is composer for the Star Trek Discovery musical team
Jeff Russo is composer for the Star Trek Discovery musical team

None of this music has been released yet, but anticipation has been building.  Intro music for Star Trek shows is often considered to be an indicator of how the series will perform.

Star Trek Discovery airs this September 24th.

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