Sneak Peek at Vulcans in “Star Trek Discovery”

Sneak Peek at Vulcans in "Star Trek Discovery"

We Have an Insider in Toronto

Star Trek Discovery started filming in Toronto, Canada this January.  Earlier today we were happy to learn that one of our writers knows someone that has a role on the production of Star Trek Discovery.  We were shown pictures of member(s) of an alien species that should be familiar to any Star Trek fan.

While for obvious reasons we can’t go into any details about plot, settings, or any specifics about what our acquaintance’s roles entail, we can elude to a few things, and one “win”,  that fans have been waiting to hear about for the upcoming television series.

Vulcans of Star Trek Discovery

What we were able to learn about was Vulcans, and how they’ll look in Discovery.

The Vulcans are easily one of the most recognizable groups of aliens in the entire Star Trek franchise.  Appearing initially in Star Trek: The Original Series with Spock, Star Trek Discovery will also have its fair share of our logic-driven friends.  One of those characters, named Sarek (played by James Frain), and known to most as being Spock’s father, is already known to be the Vulcan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets.  However during the time period in which Discovery takes place, we’re unsure if Sarek has been made Ambassador yet.

Sarek was announced by CBS as being one of the main cast members of the new show.

After reviewing the photos (which we were shown but not given) of the individuals in makeup and costume, we conclude and confirm that the Vulcans have not been re-imaged or re-imagined, much to our relief.  At least not unless their species-defining physical characteristics change in appearance throughout their lifetimes (which we can confirm they do not).  Think Star Trek (2009) or The Animated Series episode Yesteryear for what that could potentially mean.

Vulcan Fashion of the 23rd Century

Spock in Star Trek 2009 - Not necessarily indicative of the fashion we saw
Spock in Star Trek 2009 – Not necessarily indicative of the fashion we saw

In terms of the fashion and costumes, from what we’ve seen in the pictures, they’re pretty much on par with the quality of other costumes shown in the Discovery teaser trailer, and that of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie franchise.  The styles have not diverged much from those movies.  The costume designers have taken some clear queues from previous Star Trek incarnations, turning them into a fresh, sleek look that would be expected of Vulcans.

If and when we’re able to reveal more details or specifics, we’ll be sure to post them right here.

Are you happy to learn that the Vulcan appearance won’t be changing in Star Trek Discovery?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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