Set Phasers to Stunned! Michelle Yeoh in Star Trek Discovery

Michelle Yeoh, Captain Han Bo of the USS Shenzhou

Crouching Klingon, Hidden Starship!

We’re setting our phasers to stunned!  Michelle Yeoh is rumored to have a major role in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery TV series.  Discovery is being produce by CBS and Netflix.  If the news is true… Bam! Just How kick-ass is this show going to be?

When Bryan Fuller first hinted at some of the main characters in Discovery, diversity was a major takeaway.  Diversity is, after all, one of Star Trek’s biggest themes, and Discovery’s intention is to continue that culture.  Fuller, recently taking a back-seat role on the show, would like Angela Bassett to captain a Trek series.  So it should come as no surprise to learn that the show may be getting Michelle Yeoh.  And with Yeoh’s past appearances on Netflix original content, this rumor is sounding true.  Plus, it’s already listed on her IMDB page.

Series writer Nicholas Meyer revealed that Michelle Yeoh was the first cast member to come aboard.  Star Trek: Discovery‘s casting continues.

What We (Think We) Know About Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek Character

Yeoh’s character isn’t expected to be a member of the USS Discovery, indicating the show follows more than one ship.  This is also true to the wording used in the first teaser trailer that was released earlier in 2016.  Bryan Fuller has previously hinted that there’d be multiple crews involved in the series.  Except some serialized Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, no Star Trek series focused on more than one crew.

USS Discovery - New Crews
The original teaser that CBS put out earlier this year hinted at “new crews” – plural.

Growing Star Trek’s Market

China recently entered the space race, making strides in space technology and related scientific achievements.  Star Trek Discovery looks to honor that legacy with the USS Shenzhou.  Michelle Yeoh will play ship’s Captain Han Bo according to Blastr.  (Update: CBS reports her as Captain Georgiou).  The starship Shenzhou is expected to play an important role in at least the first season story arc.  IMDB credits Michelle Yeoh with the pilot episode so it’s unknown how much of the season she’ll be in. This writer hopes many. Yeoh has proven herself to be able to deliver in her many passionate, emotional, wise, and action-packed roles. Few actors present the character believability she has in her career.

Michelle Yeoh, Captain Han Bo of the USS Shenzhou
Michelle Yeoh is rumoured to play Captain Han Bo of the USS Shenzhou in the new Star Trek Discovery TV Series

This move is a clear attempt to not only diversify characters but also to break into the Chinese market.  Star Trek doesn’t have the following in China or Asia that it does in most of the west.  Michelle Yeoh is undoubtedly one of China’s biggest stars; her career spanning across three decades.  This further enhances the global appeal expected for Star Trek: Discovery which is certainly what the producers, CBS, and Netflix are going for with the new series.

Future casting announcements for the crew of the USS Discovery are certain to come soon.  Still no word on who will be cast for the leading character. Star Trek Discovery airs May 2017 on CBS All Access (USA), Netflix (world), and CraveTV (Canada).

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