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It appears that Star Trek Discovery has started filming its second episode.  Discovery writer Ted Sullivan recently made the trek to Toronto where Discovery is currently filming at Pinewood Studios.  Sullivan, a self-proclaimed Star Trek fan, took some time to post pictures from the set to Twitter.

Among those pictures was this one of a slate indicating filming of the second episode of the first season had commenced either today, or fairly recently.  The date states March 17, 2017 (the day of this writing).

Ted Sullivan posted this picture from the Star Trek Discovery set
Ted Sullivan posted this picture from the Star Trek Discovery set

We can see that this slate indicates that filming of the second episode of Discovery has begun.  This may explain why Ted Sullivan, Chris Obi, Sam Vartholomeos, Michelle Yeoh, and various local extras, have all reported they’re back on the set.

Additionally, it appears the second episode is being directed by Adam Kane.  David Semel directed the first episode, which will also be aired on CBS.

Premiere, or Standalone Episode?

Most Star Trek television series launch with a two hour premiere.  Traditionally the episode is considered to be two episodes.  That’s because usually the show airs for one hour each week.  So after the initial premiere date, the episode is split into two one-hour episodes and aired over a two-week period.  Since Star Trek Discovery is only expected to air once on television and will be streamed online thereafter, it’s unclear if this second episode is actually part of a two-hour premiere or a standalone episode (as in 3rd hour of the series).

Having two directors for a single episode might lead to a strange result, so for now we’re assuming the second episode now being filmed is not part of the premiere.  The past few weeks saw little to none of the main cast being in Toronto.  This was likely because the premiere has already been filmed in full and time was needed for new sets to be constructed, halting filming.

Excited that progress is finally being made?  Let us know below.

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