Season 2 of “Star Trek: Discovery” Not Until 2019?

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery to air in 2019?

Second season previously confirmed

Heads-up, Star Trek fans.  Unfortunately there may be over a year to wait between Discovery‘s first season and second season.

In late October, CBS confirmed that Star Trek: Discovery will indeed be getting a second season.  Rumours of the extension had been surrounding the show for the last few months, but until recently there was no official confirmation.

The news came before the first half of the first season of the show even aired, with the mid-season hiatus starting after episode 9 airs this coming Sunday November 12th.

Renewed for Season 2
Renewed for Season 2

Kurtzman says “early” 2019 ideally for 2nd season

The first season of Discovery was notably plagued by delays.  CBS officially announced and missed two separate launch dates before finally settling on September 2017.  Star Trek: Discovery was originally slated to air in January 2017.

In a Hollywood Reporter article from September, Star Trek Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman, asked when season two would drop, responded “ideally, on the early side of 2019”.

Alex Kurtzman and other Star Trek Discovery showrunners and cast at the world premiere in Hollywood September 2017 (photo: Courtesy Cassius Adams,
Alex Kurtzman and other Star Trek Discovery showrunners and cast at the world premiere in Hollywood September 2017 (photo: Courtesy Cassius Adams,

So why might it take Discovery into 2019 before we’ll get a second season?

Mostly because of the lessons learned in the lead-up to the first season and the delays it experienced.  Most of those involved admit that CBS’ first and second target launch dates were too optimistic.  The visual effects and other post-production processes are reportedly taking up to three months per episode.

No official date has been given yet for when season 2 will start filming, however Kurtzman was previously quoted as saying the writers had already begun playing with season story arc ideas and settled on one.  No hints as to what it might be, but filming could theoretically start as early as January 2018.

With the second half of the first season running from January 7th 2018 to February 11th, it’s likely that Star Trek fans will find they have to wait nearly a full year or more between the end of the first season and beginning of the second.

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    RIP Captain Lorca, the last real (maturely masculine) man of the 2017 star trek universe before feminist writers had their way and raped him of his dignity.

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