New Extended (2 min) Clip of Star Trek Discovery’s 3rd Episode

"It's not like we have assigned seats" - Lt. Stamets

Extended Video of Burnham/Stamets Meeting

Yesterday CBS All Access released a video clip from the third episode of Star Trek Discovery where Michael Burnam and Paul Stamets are first introduced.  In the short video, we see Michael Burnham, who has been assigned for unknown reasons to the USS Discovery, in the ship’s Engineering section.  She comes up against some hostility from the engineering crew who, believing Burnham is guilty of starting the Klingon War, basically give her the cold shoulder.  Lieutenant Stamets then enters the room and questions Burnham who she is.

The clip ends there, however NCC-1031.COM has the extended introduction of that meeting.

In the extended clip, Lt. Stamets further questions Burnham on her Vulcan heritage, confirming that she’s the “mutineer”.  Stamets comes off very much as a pedantic and down-to-business ranking member of the the crew.

New Context With Additional Dialogue

With the extension to the clip, we also get more context of Cadet Tilly’s interaction with Burnham, having it take on a new meaning.

The video is from Star Trek Discovery‘s third episode, which first airs on CBS All Access (USA) and Space Channel (Canada) on Sunday October 1st, and on Monday the 2nd for CraveTV (Canada) and Netflix (rest of the world).

The name of the episode is Context is for Kings.

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