New Alien Character Revealed in Star Trek Discovery

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Saru, Member of New Species to be Featured in Star Trek Discovery

There’s a new alien in town, and his/her/its name is Saru.

Bryan Fuller recently revealed some minor details about a new alien character named Saru that will be featured in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery tv series.  No details are known about what the species looks like or whether or not Saru will be a member of the USS Discovery crew.

Who is Saru?

USS Discovery - Aliens
Is this part of Saru’s makeup? All we know Saru is from a new species.

We don’t know – yet.  When asked to describe one of the new alien species in Star Trek Discovery, rather than respond directly about the species, Bryan Fuller briefly described a specific person from a new alien species according to DenOfGeek.  “It’s a character named Saru who has… a wide… it’s a character named Saru.”

That’s not a whole lot of details; barely even a teaser.  We’ll talk more about Saru as additional details are revealed.

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