Name of Star Trek Discovery’s Main Character Revealed – Sort of…

There have been two "Number One" characters in Star Trek lore. There will soon be a third in Star Trek: Discovery

Lt Commander… Number One

Bryan Fuller was quoted as saying the main protagonist of Star Trek: Discovery will be referred to as Number One.  Most Star Trek fans will immediately recognize this as the name Captain Picard affectionately used for Commander William Riker.  But long before Star Trek: The Next Generation, and even before The Original Series, there was another Number One.  Originally played by Majel Barrett, the cool and rational female first officer of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, was a woman referred to as Number One.  Of course that was only for one episode, the original Star Trek pilot that was rejected by NBC.

Interestingly, Number One’s real name will be withheld and will not be revealed until towards the end of the first season.

We’re unsure as to why that particular detail would be secret.  One suggestion is that it’s a character that we’ve heard of at some point throughout Star Trek canon, and that there is a relevant plot twist around that detail.

Fuller Explains The Origin of ‘Number One’

Quoting Bryan Fuller; “When we introduce our protagonist, she is called ‘Number One’ in honor of Majel Barrett’s character in the original pilot. And as we were first talking about the series, talking to CBS, we said initially we will only call this character Number One.”

Speculation About the Lt Commander

Could this mean that upon her introduction Number One is already commander of the USS Discovery NCC-1031 but will soon take over to captain the ship (perhaps while maintaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander)?

Italicized texts is unconfirmed and/or speculation

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