More “Star Trek Discovery” Clips Surface – CBS This Morning

USS Shenzhou makes in appearance in new Star Trek Discovery clips

CBS This Morning Airs New Discovery Clips

Earlier today, we wrote about the first clip of Star Trek: Discovery to be released.  It originally aired during yesterday evenings Late Night With Stephen Colbert talk show, which had Sonequa Martin-Green on as a guest.

This morning, CBS This Morning also had a guest appearance with Martin-Green and a few new clips of the show were aired.  We’ve compiled the CBS This Morning clips into a short video for you.

The first sequence is of Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) traversing a desert – possibly a desert planet.

“What will you do if you were stuck here for 89 years?” asks Georgiou.  It’s unclear why the specific number of 89, but one possibility is that the electric atmospheric lightning seen in the trailer could be at least part of the reason.  “A likely scenario, unless we die here in the desert” responds Burnham.  “As a Xenoanthropologist I could reveal myself to the natives, learn their culture, try to fit in.  If possible” she continues.

There was a total of three new clips released during the show.

The second sequence, which is spoken-over by the CBS This Morning hosts, is mostly an out-of-sequence array of shots of the USS Shenzhou‘s bridge and Burnham in space.  We get our best view yet of Sam Vartholomeos’ character, Ensign Danby Connor.

The third and last sequence, which is also spoken-over by the hosts of the show, is dominated by Burnham in space.  There’s a brief view of the Commander releasing herself from the ship by reversing her gravity (or magnetic) boots.

There’s also a better view of the astronomical anomaly, first shown in the trailer released in May.

Star Trek Discovery airs this September on CBS All Access in the USA, CraveTV in Canada, and on Netflix around the rest of the world.

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