Here’s What is Next for Star Trek Discovery’s First Season

The USS Discovery comes under heavy attack and gets destroyed

First Season Promises Something New

Now that Star Trek Discovery has finally premiered and the dust has settled, we learn that the show will mix things up once more.  Discovery showrunners have told us in the past that the two-part series premiere would set the stage for the series, but that the following episodes would act like another premiere for the show.  It would be these follow-on episodes that will tell fans what the new Star Trek series would actually be about.

CBS has released a trailer for the first season of Star Trek Discovery (the same trailer that I saw at the world premiere in Hollywood last week) and from the video it’s clear this incarnation in the 51-year-running franchise strikes a different chord.

What’s immediately noticeable is that Star Trek: Discovery will not only be focused around the non-captain, but also that the series lead, Michael Burnham, is seen by others as being a notorious criminal.  This, understandably, after the mutinous actions the Commander took during the premiere episode.

Burnham looks set to fight her own inner demons and sorrows while defending herself outwardly towards members of Starfleet who hold her responsible for the deaths caused during an ongoing war with the Kingons.  “Eight thousand dead in the first two days of war” says one Starfleet officer.  “Eight thousand, one hundred, eighty six” responds a seemingly-defeated and somber Burnham.  The commander’s reputation certainly precedes her, as she takes on an unfamiliar notoriety.

In terms of season story line, some unspecified amount of time has passed since the happenings of the premiere.  The USS Discovery, captained by Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs), has either come into some kind of anomaly, or has been performing experiments that have lead to unexpected results.  Either way, they seem relevant to the outcome of the Klingon war.  Michael Burnham, stripped of her rank and wearing yellow prison wear, is brought on board by Captain Lorca for her expertise, in spite of objections by some of the crew and another ship’s captain.

At some point in the season Captain Lorca is captured and taken prisoner by the Klingons, who attempt to extract information from him.  With Lorca off the USS Discovery, Burnham is certain to come up against drama from the other ship crew members.

Meanwhile, Harry Mudd, who first appeared in Star Trek: The Original Series, gets involved and expresses his anger at Starfleet both verbally and in his actions.  “[Has Starfleet] ever bothered to look out of your spaceships at the little guys below?” he asks.  “There’s a lot more of us down there than there are of you”.  Mudd is speaking of the reactionary impacts that Starfleet’s actions have on non-Starfleet people caught up in the middle.  “And I’m sick and tired of getting caught in your crossfire” he says.  It’s likely that Mudd will be taking something into his own hands through the first season’s story arc.

In some of the closing scenes of the trailer, the USS Discovery comes under heavy fire and we see the saucer section split in half.  Does this mean the series will head into a drastically different place in season two, or we may be witnessing the end of the Discovery from the Mirror Universe?  This much isn’t clear in the trailer but we do know at least one episode from season 1 will take place there.

As Captain Gabriel Lorca says – “imagine the possibilities”

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