Here’s the First Released Clip of “Star Trek Discovery”

The first "Star Trek: Discovery" clip has been released

Our First Look at the Show

Later this month, Star Trek Discovery, the first Star Trek series to be on television in over a decade, will begin airing on CBS All Access.  The main CBS television station, which broadcast the Late Night With Stephen Colbert talk show, spent a little time interviewing Sonequa Martin-Green last night.

Martin-Green, if you don’t already know, will be playing the series lead Commander Michael Burnham.

Along with the interview came a short clip from the series premiere.

In the previously-released Discovery trailers, we were introduced to a new character, known only as the Torchbearer to now.  The Torchbearer is a Klingon; possibly a revived ancient, or from a faction of Klingons that have been either estranged or in disarray for some time.  In the trailers, we learn that Burnham comes up against the Torchbearer.

In the clip released by CBS during the Late Night show, we learn that Burnham wasn’t aware or expecting the Torchbearer’s presence.  She also appears unaware that the ship she’s investigating is Klingon.

The ship she’s exploring is likely the Klingon Obelisk we’ve talked about in previous articles and it likely the “object of unknown origin” that Saru refers to in the trailers.

One thing of note in the clip is the intelligence built into the space suite that Commander Michael Burnham appears in.  While Discovery takes places 10 years before The Original Series and fans were concerned about breaks in canon, Discovery‘s showrunners have chosen to implement more modern technologies into the series.

The original Star Trek series had many technologies that have already come to past; some even being made obsolete.  Star Trek: Discovery chose to introduce new technologies to inspire a new generation of science fiction fans.

Star Trek Discovery is slated to appear on CBS’ All Access streaming service on September 24th, Space and CTV channels in Canada on September 24th, and streaming on Netflix on the 25th for the rest of the world.

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