Disruptor Adds “Discovery: A New Anomaly” to Star Trek Timelines

Streak of Stardust Event - Star Trek Timelines

“Timelines” Game Gets a Star Trek Discovery Mega-Event

Earlier today, Disruptor Beam, creators of the popular Star Trek Timelines video game, made an announcement about new game content coming to the platform.  According to the company, as of today, captains within the Star Trek Timelines game can start the Discovery: A New Anomaly in-game mega-event.  Distruptor tells us that the challenge is based entirely on Star Trek: Discovery‘s new world.

Starting today, Star Trek Timelines captains can begin the “Discovery: A New Anomaly” mega-event based entirely on the new world of Star Trek: Discovery.

– Fleet Admiral Nick, Disruptor

The mega-event will consist of a four-part challenge, with Streak of Stardust being the first.  It launches today and runs through to October 10th when First Impressions takes off.

For Star Trek fans that have been watching Discovery, the Discovery: A New Anomaly trailer gives us some unseen views of the USS Discovery.  That vessel made its first appearance in this week’s episode, titled Context is for Kings, however many of the shots were close ups or dark.  A New Anomaly give us the full view.

With regards to the challenges, here’s what Disruptor had to say about this mission(s).

The U.S.S. Shenzhou has arrived in the present day with a bang: the ship appears to be enveloped in a new form of temporal anomaly which can travel with her. As the Shenzhou moves across the Alpha Quadrant, she leaves a trail of disrupted chronitons and displaced people behind it, bringing fresh chaos to the galaxy you have been working so hard to keep intact. Worse yet, the Shenzhou is not responding to hails from Starfleet or anyone else. We are concerned that something terrible has befallen the Shenzhou and her crew. It’s up to you to chase down the Shenzhou, determine the fate of her crew, and stop the new wave of destruction to the timeline.

The description sounds like it’s right out of the premiere timeline.

Art of “Discovery: A New Anomaly”

The company also released some key art for the mega-event.  The first is a render of Lt. Saru and Commander Michael Burnham.  Given their insignia, this appears to take place prior to Context is for Kings (episode 3) in the tv series.

Commander Burnham and Lt. Saru - Streak of Stardust Event - Star Trek Timelines
Commander Burnham and Lt. Saru – Streak of Stardust Event – Star Trek Timelines

We also get a look at the T’Kuvma character profile.

T'Kuvma character profile
T’Kuvma character profile

The Boston-area company initially released the widely popular STAR TREK TIMELINES in January 2016 and has been adding content since.

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