‘Discovery’ Cast & Writers to Appear at Star Trek Las Vegas

Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Official Star Trek Convention

Each year, Creation Entertainment puts on the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.  Thousands of fans get together to celebrate their shared fandom throughout the week-long event.  Hundreds of exhibits, props and signed photos for sale, dozens of actors make appearances, and a number of panels are hosted.

This year, not just one but four of those panels will include Star Trek Discovery cast, writers, and more.  Wednesday is the day to go if you’re looking forward to the newest series in the franchise.

Large ‘Discovery’ Presence

Actors Mary Chieffo (L’Rell), Kenneth Mitchell (Kol), and Sam Vartholomeos (Ensign Connor) will all be at the convention representing the new series.

But it won’t just be the actors.  STLV is also getting writers Kirsten Beyer and Ted Sullivan.  Kirsten Beyer, no stranger to the fanaticism surrounding the shows, is probably best known for her Star Trek novels and has been writing for Discovery since before the show began.  Ted Sullivan, who appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, will also be in attendance.  Sullivan has been active in social media and has amassed a healthy following, so he’s likely to be in high-demand at the convention.

Additionally, creature designers Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page will also be present.

Panel Breakdown

Star Trek Discovery set to deliver a jam-packed Wednesday at Star Trek Las Vegas
Star Trek Discovery set to deliver a jam-packed Wednesday at Star Trek Las Vegas

Here’s the breakdown of all the Star Trek Discovery panels and talks.

Starting Wednesday August 2nd 2:30pm, we have “Inside the Star Trek Discovery‘s Writers Room”.  This talk (and all Discovery panels) will take place in the aptly-named Leonard Nimoy Theatre.  Present will be Ted Sullivan and Kristen Beyer.  Just two of the many writers for the upcoming series.  The talk will be moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

If you’re at this talk, stick around because up next in that same room at 3:30pm is “Introducing Star Trek Discovery“.  That’s where you’ll get to hear from the actors about the show.  Mary Chieffo, Sam Vartholomeos, and Kenneth Mitchell will all be present.  This one will be moderated by Scott Matz.  Chieffo and Mitchell are expected to speak in English rather than their native Klingon language.

Don’t go anywhere because next at 4:30pm you’ll have a chance to meet with Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick.  They were involved in the creation of those Klingon costumes we got to see at the SDCC exhibit – and a lot more.  This talk will be moderated by none other than Ian Spelling.

Finally, if you’re into Star Trek books or comics, you’ll want to stick around.  At 5:30pm there will be a panel dedicated to the comics and novels.  Kristen Beyer will be back, and we’ll also get to hear from Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, Ed Schlesinge, and David Mack.  Mack has written the first Discovery book entitled “Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours, available September 26th.  The panel will be moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

You can find out more from the STLV website.


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