CraveTV Still Has No “Final Schedule Details” For Star Trek: Discovery in Canada

Bell Canada's CraveTV has no air date for Star Trek Discovery (photo courtesy Toronto Star)

Scheduling Not Complete

Star Trek Discovery, the latest chapter in the 51-year-running franchise, is slated to air this September on streaming services around the world.  This after over a decade’s wait by many Star Trek fans who have been patiently awaiting a new series.

Discovery is set to air its pilot episode on September 24th at 8:30pm ET on CBS followed by the rest of the season (generally one episode per week) being available on CBS All Access online streaming service.  The second half of the pilot will be available on All Access immediately after airing of the pilot on CBS.  In Canada, it’s slated to air on Space Channel on September 24th on cable, and on CraveTV – Bell Media’s video streaming service.  Netflix will carry Star Trek Discovery around the rest of the world, premiering on September 25th.

These details have been provide by CBS and through and been known for some time.  However one key date is missing for Canadian fans.  To now, there has been no date provided by Bell Media (owner of CraveTV) for when the series will be available for streaming.

All other carriers made announcements months ago.

We reached out to Bell Media and to CraveTV twice over the past few weeks.  When we did hear back from them we were told “[Bell doesn’t] have final schedule details just yet for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY on CraveTV.

What is arguably the most critical detail for Canadian viewers isn’t even finalized yet with the show airing in just five weeks around the world.  This leaves no time for CraveTV to market the series to locals.

Possible Conflict of Interests?

Bell Media's CraveTV service will stream Star Trek Discovery in Canada
Bell Media’s CraveTV service will stream Star Trek Discovery in Canada

Just when will CraveTV’s decision be made public? “[We’re] hoping this will be released in the coming weeks.

It appears that Bell Media and CraveTV have left specifics surrounding the show to the last possible minute.  It’s unclear why Bell would wait this late, though they own and operate satellite cable in Canada, presenting a possible conflict of interest.

Bell owning both Space Channel and satellite cable tv services may be at odds with also being the sole streaming distributor of the series.  It enables Bell to force Star Trek fans into purchasing both their satellite TV service and their CraveTV online streaming service.  Bell can also force viewers that have competing cable tv packages without the Space channel to also purchase access to their channel and subscribe to their CraveTV service.

We reached out to Bell to ask them about this but didn’t hear back as of the time of this writing.

If Bell does decide to enact these strategies, it’s likely that there will be an upswing in pirated copies of the services through services such as Torrents or by other means.

We’ll be sure to update our Canadian readers if or when we hear back from Bell Media or as soon as we learn more.

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  • The last possible minute? CraveTV won’t get the show until after season 1 is complete. So probably in the summer. It’s going to air on Space. And probably on the same day as it’s released on CBS All Access and Netflix. We are probably a year out to it being on CraveTV. But nearly a month out from it being on Space on Sunday nights.

  • Alex

    Thanks for this update guys! It is unbelievable how Bell is dealing with this situation. It is very hard to be the worst in anything in this world, but they are surely putting some effort into it.
    My decision about Crave TV right now relies EXCLUSIVELY on the decision to air the episodes 24h later than cable TV (just as other streaming services around the world). There is no way I’ll get a whole Cable TV contract only for one show, and I hope they realize how absurd to expect people to do so really is.

    • Alistair Brogan

      So I need cable to watch when it airs, and CraveTV shows it late. LOL. NO deal. Cable companies call it stealing, I call it not recognizing the corrupt laws of this country. Give us access to U.S. services or provide equivalent services here or no sale.

  • Theo Bear

    People, just download it from the pirate bay. The show won’t last long enough for these issues to matter, not even in the short term.