Up Close Look at “Star Trek Discovery” Klingon ‘Torchbearer’ Suit

Klingon Torchbearer Suit in Star Trek Discovery(Photo Borys Kit)

The Torchbearer Cometh

Updated July 20th 04:35 GMT

Exclusive: NCC-1031.COM is the first to break news about existence of the Torchbearer – a Klingon to be featured in Star Trek Discovery.

CBS has announced that some of the actors, writers, and showrunners of their upcoming Star Trek Discovery television series will be hosting a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Accompanying that, CBS has put on a Star Trek Discovery exhibit at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery in San Diego.  Present at the exhibit are a number of props and costumes.

One of the costumes on display has been referred to as the “Klingon Torchbearer Suit”.  The full sized suit can also be seen in the last scene of the Discovery trailer released a few months ago.

Design and Fabrication

We reached out to Neville Page on Twitter regarding the suit’s design and creation.  “Design and sculpting” of the suit was lead by Neville Page, “and Glenn Hetrick was the lead of fabrication at Alchemy Studios“.  Then 3D Systems and Gentle Giant Ltd were in charge of all of the 3D printing.

Page has also been involved with concept and creature design for the latest Star Trek theatrical releases.

Klingon Torchbearer Suit in Star Trek Discovery (Photo Borys Kit)
Klingon Torchbearer Suit in Star Trek Discovery (Photo Borys Kit)

Details on who the Torchbearer is and what their role is within the Klingon Empire are currently unclear.  But we do know this individual is expected to be an enemy of the Federation, and of Commander Michael Burnham.

Star Trek Discovery is scheduled to air this September on CBS All Access (USA), Space/CraveTV (Canada) and on Netflix (rest of world).

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  • Daniel Sarge

    Hideous. It looks like the new DLC for that terrible game “Warframe”.

  • Dendrobates!

    looks pretty awesome, doesn’t immediately strike you as a Klingon outfit but I can see it working

  • Alex Bales

    It looks like the lovechild of a xenomorph and a Borg drone.

  • I think it looks awesome ! Hope they’ll explain the look of it and how it connects to Klingons but that’s another issue altogether.

    Any chance we can get a close up of the helmet ?

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Yeah this looks awful. Too busy, too dark, looms uncomfortable and simply does not work with any version or part of Star Trek. It looks like something from the Alien franchise, very much so to the point of distraction. I get the idea of wanting to do something new…but new does mean ignoring or dumping decades of estestic for your our own personal feel. This is creating something divorced of its core, Klingon in name only and can be easily ignored as such.

  • Thabo

    Agree (hideous suits. Probably as unyielding as metal-based suits of yore. I know this is off-topic but what I don’t really care for are . . well, the Klingons. Boring, no personality (good, bad, indifferent). THE classic episode: TNG: Season 2×8 A Matter of Honor. the ‘dining room’ scene, a classic.