CBS Delays “Star Trek Discovery” Again! No New Date Set

Star Trek Discovery has been delayed


Don’t Lose Faith in “Star Trek Discovery”

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Well, we’re sure many of you have just lost all faith in Star Trek Discovery after reading another “delay” headline.  While it’s getting more easy to be dismayed, we say “don’t be”.

CBS has stated on more than one occasion that they want to do this right.  And if that means delaying the series, then so be it.  They said that when Discovery was delayed from it’s initial January 2017 to its more-recent May 2017.  They’re saying it again, only this time they aren’t providing a revised date.  Try not to read too much into that.  If they were to provide a new release date only to need more time to get it right, nobody could take anything they say about Star Trek Discovery with any seriousness.  So they’re forced to not release a date at this time.

Another thing to ponder is that filming of Star Trek Discovery starts in just a few days (this website broke that news before all others).  So it’s not as if things have stalled in any way.  Actually, they’re really starting to ramp up in speed.  Today, CBS announced that James Frain has been cast to play Sarek, the father of Spock.  This among the plethora of other recent casting announcements being made.  Progress is being made.  Dismay not!

When Will Star Trek Discovery Air?

USS Discovery NCC-1031 - Image: Cassius Adams
USS Discovery NCC-1031 – Image: Cassius Adams

When might Star Trek Discovery be aired?  It’s expected that filming will wrap up on Discovery by September 7th 2017.  The original plan was for episodes to become available on a weekly basis.  It’s unclear if CBS intends to change this, but no announcement has been made.  For now, we assume weekly releases to CBS All Access and Netflix (CraveTV if you’re in Canada).

There’s a lot of upfront work that needs to be done on this Star Trek series.  Everything from set design, to digital effects and assets, to costumes and more.  Since filming starts on January 24th, we’ll assume that sets and costumes are essentially done.  That leaves digital assets.  There’s also post-effects once filming of any given episode is complete, along with editing and sound.  All told, assuming CBS wants to release one episode each week, missing no weeks in between, our estimate is that the series will air in late summer or early fall of 2017.  That’s a significant delay, but one that may have been necessary to avoid the death of the television franchise – forever.

Disappointing that there’s no new Star Trek ahead in May, but if we look at the long-term, perhaps one of the better decisions made by CBS for the series.  There’s a lot of work to be done when you have a $6-$7 million budget per episode.

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