CBS Confirms “Star Trek Discovery” Will Boldly Go to 2nd Season

Renewed for Season 2

Star Trek is boldly going forward

Star Trek fans can breath a sigh of relief and rest well tonight.  CBS announced today that Star Trek: Discovery, the sixth live-action tv series in the 51-year-running franchise, has officially been renewed for a second season.

In a post to CBS social media accounts, the announcement was made in a teaser video advertising CBS’ All Access streaming service.

Filming on the first season finished up a few weeks ago in Toronto, Canada.

Of course as has previously been reported, Discovery showrunners have already worked out some of the back story for what will take place during the show’s second season.  While another season was not guaranteed for the new Star Trek series, it’s believed that CBS has already made a profit from the show’s first season when it licensed it in 188 countries to Netflix.

That’s no small feat considering the show is reported to be costing the network about $150 million per season, making it one of the most expensive television shows ever produced.

There’s no confirmed information about what’s expected to take place during the second season, but we do know that the crew of the USS Discovery will be dealing with the aftermath of the Klingon War.  The war is expected to conclude at the end of the first season, early into 2018.

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