Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery

Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery

Discovery Captain’s Full Name, Species Revealed

Today, CBS released the first image of the captain of the USS Discovery – the protagonist star ship featured in the upcoming Star Trek Discovery television series.  We also learned that his first name is Gabriel.  Up to now, we’ve simply known him as Captain Lorca.

Judging by the press photo, Captain Gabriel Lorca looks to be human.  In addition to learning the captain’s first name, we also get our first peek at the interior of the starship Discovery.  All the interior shots we got to see in the Star Trek Discovery trailer featured the USS Shenzhou (NCC-1227) and other non-Starfleet interiors, not the USS Discovery.

Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery
Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery

So what do we know about Captain Lorca?  Not much.  We do know that he is considered to be a brilliant military tactician.  A rather strange skill to have for a ship who’s name is “Discovery”.  A name that implies the vessel is one of science.  Star Trek Discovery does take place in or around the Klingon Wars, so it may be a requisite skill for any Starfleet captain.

Captain Lorca is played by Jason Isaacs, and is expected to appear in at least the first season of Discovery.

Captain’s Chair

The captain’s chair on the USS Discovery pictured above has come a long way since we first saw it.

USS Discovery NCC-1031 - Captain's Chair
USS Discovery NCC-1031 – Captain’s Chair
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