Blueprints Confirm Transporter Room Photos Are USS Discovery?

Transporter Room of the USS Discovery?

Not Much of USS Discovery Released Yet

Over the last few weeks, EW has had exclusive access to the cast, crew, and set of Star Trek Discovery.  One of the sets they visited and took photos of was that of a transporter room.  No mention of which transporter room in specific has been made.

CBS has publicly provided pictures of a transporter room that belonged to the USS Shenzhou.  That picture featured Captain Georgiou and Commander Burnham and depicts a rugged, almost steam-punk-looking take on the traditional appearance of a transporter room.  After the release of that image, showrunners did make it known that the USS Shenzhou has more than one transporter room, meaning the others could look different.

When EW released their recent images, it was unclear as to whether or not the new, cleaner transporter room in their photos was one of the others on the Shenzhou, or if it was actually aboard the USS Discovery.

Blueprint schematic for the transporter room of the USS Discovery
Blueprint schematic for the transporter room of the USS Discovery

There has been surprisingly little imagery of the Discovery starship itself – likely because CBS wants to keep as much as they can under wraps until the show’s air date this September.  A recent image, released by someone closely affiliated with the show, was posted to social media and identified as being the “Disco” transporter room.  “Disco”, originally coined by Bryan Fuller, is short for Discovery.

The schematic (above) clearly depicts the transporter room (below) that we’ve seen posted online, originally by EW.

USS Discovery Transporter Room (courtesy EW)
USS Discovery Transporter Room (courtesy EW)

It’s unclear what is meant by “tiled wall on rolling truck”, written towards the top-left of the blueprint.

Star Trek Discovery airs this September on CBS, Netflix, and Space/CraveTV.

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