“Battle at the Binary Stars” is 2nd Part of ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Premiere

Starfleet armada engaging in battle

Second Part Not Same Title

Star Trek Discovery, the latest series in the 51-year-running franchise, premieres next week.  CBS and the series showrunners have been extremely tight-lipped about what details are released and when – undoubtedly in an effort to control potential spoilers for the show.  The first season of the series is a 15-episode single story arc.

Yesterday we wrote about the release of the title of Star Trek: Discovery‘s premiere episode, The Vulcan Hello.  When we wrote that, there was speculation surrounding whether the two-episode premiere would be named Part I and Part II.  Today we have our answer.

Battle at the Binary Stars

According to the just-released schedule for the Space Channel in Canada, which now shows up to Sunday September 24th, the name of the episode will be Battle at the Binary Stars.  Fans outside the USA and Canada will get the second episode on September 25th on Netflix.

There’s more than a hint about what the episode will be about in that title.

Binary Star System in Star Trek Discovery
Binary Star System in Star Trek Discovery

Earlier today, a new teaser was released by CBS to the public.  In that teaser we wrote about the a previously-unknown armada of Starfleet vessels engaging in a battle against the Klingons.  Before the teaser, viewers were given the impression that only the USS Shenzhou, USS Discovery, and possibly the USS Europa, were engaged in fighting the Klingons.  Now that we know the new teaser footage likely takes place in the show’s second episode, which a cliffhanger likely for the first episode.

If true, Star Trek Discovery appears set to warp into battle early into the series.  All other Star Trek television shows didn’t engage in lengthy battles or war until much later in those shows (although Voyager could be the exception with the Kazon, depending on how you look at things).

Star Trek Discovery premiers September 24th on CBS All Access (USA) and Space Channel (Canada), and on September 25th on Netflix (rest of world).

Corrections: An earlier version of this article wrongly stated that the second premiere episode would be airing on October 1st (USA, Canada) and 2nd (rest of world).  It streams on September 24th (USA, Canada) and 25th (rest of the world).

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