Two New Star Trek Discovery Books Coming

Second Star Trek Discovery book description announcement

Star Trek Discovery: Official Collector’s Edition

There’s no details being provided at this time, but it looks like there will be two new official Star Trek: Discovery books being released to go with the highly anticipated television series.

The first book, title Star Trek Discovery: Official Collector’s Edition will be released in hard cover format on May 2nd 2017.

All we know so far is that it’s being put out by Titan, and is up for pre-order on Amazon’s website.  Star Trek Discovery: Official Collector’s Edition will likely be more of a companion manual to the series.

Star Trek: Discovery #1

In tangentially-related news, David Mack will also be releasing a new novel, title Star Trek: Discovery #1 on May 23rd 2017.  We assume that “#1” in this context means the first novel of many, rather than Number One, as in the character.  This isn’t the first time we’ve head about Mack’s book, but it’s the first time we’ve gotten release date information about the novel.

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