Images of the USS Discovery NCC-1031

USS Discovery's Sauce Section Underbelly

Image Gallery of the USS Discovery, NCC-1031

CBS is producing a new Star Trek television series entitled Star Trek: Discovery which will feature the USS Discovery, registry number NCC-1031.  Here’s the images we’ve compiled, including images we’ve created.

Note: Bryan Fuller has already stated that the ship design is a work in progress and that it will be modified and tinkered with up until the airing dates of the show.  So many of the images we’re supplying here won’t likely represent the final design.

If you’d like to explore these designs more, be sure to download the USS Discover App (Android).

That said, on to the images!

USS Discovery Rear
The USS Discovery shown from the rear. Distinct triangular shape.
USS Discovery Lower Section
The USS Discovery’s lower section is featured in this image, including warp nacelles, saucer section, and the main deflector dish.
USS Discovery's Sauce Section Underbelly
The USS Discovery’s lower saucer section, warp drive and deflector dish.
Pretty Side View of the USS Discovery
Here we see a pretty side view of the USS Discovery with the Milky Way featured prominently in the background
Up Close Warp Nacelle of USS Discovery
This is an up close shot of the USS Discovery’s warp nacelle. The triangular shape of the hull is also easily visible.
Top View of USS Discovery
USS Discovery as seen from the top. Scale and shape are clearly visible.
Rear of the USS Discovery
The rear of the USS Discovery. There are thruster engines that bare resemblance to the NX-01 engines.

Side Angle of the USS Discovery
Another image from a side angle of the USS Discovery.
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