USS Europa, NCC-1648

USS Europa, NCC-1648

The USS Europa, a Starfleet Vessel

The USS Europa is a Federation Starship in the 23rd century.  It is a Nimitz class starship.

Little is known about its crew or missions, but it was destroyed by the Klingons in the second episode of Star Trek Discovery while under the command of Admiral Anderson during the Battle at the Binary Stars.

The starships has a designation number of NCC-1648.

Designation: USS Europa
Registry Number: NCC-1648
Class: Nimitz
Captain: Admiral Anderson (temporarily)
Crew Compliment: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Launch Date: Mid-23rd Century
Construction Location: Unavailable
 - Destroyed during Battle of the Binary Stars
 - A quad warp nacelle starship

The Europa uses its tractor beam to assist the Discovery at the Battle of the Binaries.

The USS Europa with tractor beam engaged
The USS Europa with tractor beam engaged

Europa’s has four warp nacelles, the bottom two of which are held in place by arms that bend over from atop the saucer section.  This aspect is reminiscent of the USS Reliant, however the Europa does not appear to be a Miranda Class starship.  We can see below the Europa’s warp nacelles are farther back than the arm that extends to them from the main ship.

USS Europa NCC-1648 - Production art work of the USS Europa

USS Europa NCC-1648 – Production art work of the USS Europa

USS Europa takes heavy damage

USS Europa, NCC-1648 (courtesy CBS)
USS Europa, NCC-1648 (courtesy CBS)

The USS Europa’s saucer section appears to have cutouts.  Were it not for the length of the USS Discovery’s warp nacelles, the Europa and the Discovery would be fairly close in size.

USS Europa
USS Europa
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  • Darkguardian

    After seeing a number of trailers, I think this is a re-imagining. CMDR Burnham is arrested and sent to the brig. She is given a second chance and joins USS Discovery as 1st Officer to help stop a war she started. I think she was in command if the USS Europa when it was destroyed. My best guess.

    • Darkguardian

      Well, I was only half right. Never guess they would use Spore Drive.