USS Shenzhou Star Trek Discovery

USS Shenzhou

Little is Known About the USS Shenzhou – a Starfleet Vessel

Very little is known about the USS Shenzhou, featured in the upcoming Star Trek Discovery television series.  Few official details about this Starfleet vessel have been released by CBS or the Star Trek Discovery production crew.

What We Know of the Shenzhou So Far

These details are provided either by CBS on their Star Trek Discovery website or news sections, the Discovery production crew itself (including former showrunner Bryan Fuller, writers, the cast, and filming crew in Toronto), or are fair assumptions that can be made based on what data we do have, be that quotes, images, video, tweets, etc.

Here’s what we’ve managed to compile that we feel has a very high probability of truth.

  1. The Shenzhou is a Starfleet vessel
  2. It’s under the command of Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh)
  3. Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Nambue (Maulik Pancholy)
  4. Junior Officer, Ensign Connor, assigned to crew (Sam Vartholomeos)
  5. It will appear in at least one episode of Star Trek Discovery
  6. The word “shenzhou” (神舟) means “divine craft”
  7. Named in honor of China’s first manned spacecraft
  8. The bridge will have a typical Starfleet-styled circular shape